Crematorium Chapels

Address:  Hietaniemenkatu 27, 00100 Helsinki.
Phone:     09-444 088
Fax:          09-444 253

The architect Bertel Liljeqvist designed the Hietaniemi crematorium building in the classical style of the 1920s. The building contains both a large chapel and a newer, smaller one. These chapels can conduct funeral services for all religions, as well as services with no religious ceremony involved. A musical interlude in memory of the deceased can be arranged.

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The large chapel

The austerely beautiful large chapel seats some 100 people comfortably and can hold a maximum of 200 people. Services are held in the chapel on Mondays to Saturdays, except for public holidays. Around one hour is reserved for each funeral. Funerals start at 10.30 am. 11.30 am, 1.00 pm, 2.30 pm and 4.00 pm.

The chapel is decorated with evergreen indoor plants and candles. Floral decorations can be ordered from the undertaker's office or from a florist.

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The chapel contains an excellent organ and has good acoustics for music. The crematorium's professional organist plays even the most difficult pieces with skill and feeling. Any organ music suitable to the occasion can be played at the funeral. The chapel has a music centre, so CD records and audio cassettes can also be played. The priest or speaker can also use a microphone, if desired, to relay what is said directly to hearing aids.

At the end of the service the coffin slides slowly out of the chapel to the accompaniment of music. The relatives may also arrange for the coffin to remain in the chapel.

Relatives can arrange for the bells to be rung before and after the service, which is the normal practice.


The small chapel

The entrance to the small chapel is at the rear of the building. The small chapel seats 12 people and contains an Allen electric organ.

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